Olivier Lacan

Software bricoleur, word wrangler, scientific skeptic, and logic lumberjack.


I've been a self-taught web designer for over 10 years and I've evolved into a software engineer over the last 4 years. Despite my unescapable Frenchness, my favorite languages are English and Ruby. I spend most of my time building and maintaining large and small Rails applications.

Portrait of Olivier Lacan
That's me. ⤴

I maintain and build features on Code School's Internal team. In the past I've written and participated in the development of several of our courses. More on that here.

It's been mathematically proven that I tweet about as often as I breathe. I also take little square pictures of the world.


If you'd like to email me securely you can use my PGP Key and I recommend reading my little GPGTools article if you don't know much about secure communication. Keybase.io is a neat alternative with a much easier learning curve although it may not be as secure.