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Keep a Changelog 1.0

Written on July 27, 2017 in Paris, France

Keep a Changelog Badge

After years of small improvements and two years since the last minor release, Keep a Changelog finally reached version 1.0 today.

What's new? Well, read the changelog!

In short we have 6 new language translations, simplified version-aware language navigation, much clearer and succinct sections that describe the What, Why, and Who of changelogs, and a lot of refinements.

For people who like clear guidelines, there are now guiding principles that summarize the key components of good changelogs. There's also a section about changelog bad practices to help your friendly maintainers understand that a git log dump doesn't helping anyone.

Finally, we now document changelog maintenance details and edge cases in a neat little FAQ section to avoid confusing everybody with specifics upfront.

I'd like to thank the incredibly talented Tyler Fortune for his work on the new visual identity of the project. You can see Tyler's incredible branding work on his website. And of course, I'm incredibly grateful to the many contributors who helped translate this project in 14 different languages.

PS: I'm looking for help porting the following languages to this new version: Czech, Polish, Brazilian Portugese, Slovenian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and any other language you'd like to contribute. The site is also not yet responsive to different viewports so if you have front-end chops and would like to help, I'd be grateful.