If you don't use Dropbox, start today. It will allow you to seamlessly synchronize files across any computer or device (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, etc). It creates a sort of hot folder where you can drop anything and see it appear on another device in minutes if not seconds depending on the size of the files.

Better yet, Dropbox acts as a cloud backup solution since all the files you sync are saved, even if you delete them from all of your devices accidentally.

I use Dropbox to share wireframes and comps with other designers, share photos with my family, share article draft text files with myself so I can edit them on my iPhone with Elements and as a way to bridge many services from my Mac to my iPhone in a similar way.

Since my 1Password database was stored on there, I would have been stuck without 1Password for iPhone. It simply took me a while to type the complex password as I was reading it from the iPhone manually, instead of relying on 1Password to copy & paste it.