In Sight


Loud & Clear


The Fear of Pairing
cd is Wasting Your Time
Changelogs on
Why Won't Bundle Update?
Migrating Homebrew Postgres to a New Version


Keep a Changelog 1.0
Ruby Heroes Farewell


Concurrency in Ruby 3 with Guilds
Ruby Facets
Taking Care of Things
The Upgrade Trails
Increasing the Sidebar Font Size in Sublime Text
Logging Changes All Over The World


Hash Comparison in Ruby 2.3
Diving into Ruby, Head First.
Migrating an ad-hoc URL slug system to FriendlyId
Better Feedback on Ruby 2.2 Keyword Argument Errors
Ego Time Machine


How to Install Your Own Version of git
Pairing is the Potion
Optimizing the Wrong Code
The 'Little Things'
The Semantics of Software
Jumping between words in the console
The Greatest Lie
There is no such thing as magic.
Bose Mode
The Internet's Own Boy
A Tiny Little .
Listening to her.
Product Gardening
An Open Source Rage Diamond
Burnout Buddies
Proposal for a better Ruby Hash#include?
Launch Sublime Text 3 from the command line


The Sabotaging of America
Why is Git HTTPS not working on GitHub?
Put a Date on It
I need to write.
I'm an Alien.
Conventions: the silent feature
Upgrading to OS X 10.9 with a Development Environment
Tiny Features
Expert Bias
I fell off my bike


Problem Solvers
In Their Shoes
Associations in Rails 4 (Erratum)
Stop Controlling Traffic
Gender Gravity
Rails Blank Slate Differences
Essential Rails Tools
Raise Your Hand
The People That Do Things
Fumble-driven Development
Launch Sublime Text 2 from the command line
Don't Repeat Yourself
Is it better to know?


Delaying the IE Showdown
That Salmon Color
The Nimble Workflow
Brewing With Homebrew
Teach to Learn
Extreme Atheism
It Gets Better
Free Inquiry Starts in the Classroom
Virtual Ideas
Path to America