About me

I’ve been creating websites for over 20 years and I’ve evolved into a more backend focused software developer during the last 10 years. Despite my unescapable Frenchness, my favorite languages are English and Ruby.

I spend most of my time building and maintaining large and small Rails applications.

Portrait of Olivier Lacan
That's me. ⤴

I’ve built and maintained Code School for multiple years. I’ve written and participated in the development of several of our earliest courses. More on that here.

I’ve created the Shields metadata badges that you can now find in open source repositories all over to succinctly display whether tests are passing or failing, if dependencies are out of date, or if code is well-documented or not.

I wrote Keep a Changelog to give fellow software developers clearer guidelines on how to provide human-friendly release notes for their software.

I’ve spoken at multiple conferences around the world on topics like Science-driven Development, contributing to open source, Ruby on Rails, and information security. You can find my published talks here.

Get in touch

If you’d like to email me securely you can use my PGP Key (see GPGTools). Keybase.io is a neat alternative with a much easier learning curve although it may not be as secure.