First written on December 31, 2022

1 min. read

Some foreign keys you forget to create indices for. Then you start noticing that you’ve written many records together, and you enjoy retrieving those too. While it’s hard to explain and pointless to analyze, you’ve been filtering a single reference in particular.

This reference, it has familiar type that you can trust. It’s clear this will be a write-heavy relationship, but you’re also going to look these records up, as you watch this these two different tables grow in concert and complement each other just right.

In the past you might have preferred implicit joins, but this is different. You now relish in writing your joins explicitly, giving each other some cute aliases to make things a little more delightful. And since it defines what unites you two, you find yourself taking pleasure in writing out what unites you into a coherent set.

Tamar, here’s to the millions of rows we’ll insert in this big beautiful database we call our life together.

Love you, Olivier