An elegant and essential tool for instantly sharing screencaps, links, text, syntax highlighted code and have short customizable URL automatically copied to your clipboard. Probably the app I use the most.

I love this app more than almost any other I use every day. And it’s probably the simplest. All it does is catch screenshots and automatically upload them to the web. When the upload of a screenshot is done, it can notify you with an audio ping, growl, or simply with an elegant and minimalist Menu Bar icon feedback.

But that’s not all, CloudApp will also copy the URL (which can be secure) into your paste bin (i.e. clipboard) so all you have to do to share it is to hit command + v. It doesn’t just link to the file mind you, it will resize images to a reasonable size and center them beautifully on the screen for a better viewing experience.

And as if that wasn’t enough, CloudApp can handle basically anything you throw at it: videos, text, you name it. Using Raindrops (plugins) it can receive files and data from any application you’re currently using and upload them for sharing in a similar fashion.

I highly recommend a pro account which will allow you to set a custom domain name to your CloudApp URLs. I like to let people know I didn’t just pass on some random shortened URL to them so my links always start with<randomcharacters>.